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As a country becomes more industrialised and wealthy , its people enjoy longer is the life expectancy. Financial poverty and energy poverty yields short life expectancy and the Greens deliver both kinds of poverty deliberately.
Like the Islamists, they hate the West. They don’t care about your lungs and they don’t care whether you freeze either. The only interest that they feign regarding particles in the air  is in how they can use them to political advantage. They are actually more concerned about the feelings of the IS head hackers than our well-being. That is, unless you are one of them . . . and even then you are only a useful idiot.

Consider the top 10 Countries with the longest life expectancy. Do you want to live to a ripe old age? By far the most important factor in life expectancy is wealth.
Wealth provides more than the fundamentals of life. Energy is as essential for longevity as is food, clothing and shelter.



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