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Janet Albrechtson’s article “Leftist Jargon Is Village Idiocy” in The Australian 31 July 2013 is entirely accurate.

But why has the world come to this? Is this the natural outcome of Chaos Theory, as described by Edward Lorenz?  Is it the eventual result of the natural order of things described by Peter Chardon Brooks Adams in the 1895 book “The Law of Civilisation and Decay”? (more…)


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KEVIN O’Lemon 2.0, identical in every respect to version 1.0, continues to roll merrily along with his endless array of political circus stunts. Kevin and the ALP are attempting to focus on debts and deficit; more of the problems that Labour has created for everyone.

Labor recently launched a new 30 second propaganda piece, entitled “The Facts On Debt,” which is as sickening as any of his gibberish. If you were fortunate enough to miss it, you can sample it here.

Buried deep in the Keynesian compost that is his Ruddy mind, he of course neglects to mention that the currency has depreciated about 14% since May. (more…)

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This week Kevin Rudd announces the results of his trip to Indonesia. At a time when the consequences of one half-baked Rudd government policy are back in the spotlight, along comes a new one; this time it’s asylum seekers, with a vow to send those who arrive without documents to the equivalent of the naughty corner. Wrong again, Mr Rudd.

The fundamental issue with Krudd’s recent exploits in Jakarta is that again he has effectively handed Australia’s sovereignty on a platter to a foreign entity, this time the government of Indonesia.

An issue in Australian society is the phenomenon of “gate crashers” at a house party. We are all familiar with the consequences when the owner invites friends to a party and the hooligans show up. When the neighbours eventually call the police, the question is nearly always “Where are the grown-ups?” (more…)

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